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10 Reasons to Outsource Your Medical Billing

1. Simplicity

We focus on revenue so you can focus on patient care

2. We are Specialists

Medical billing and collection is what we do.  For over 15 years Medical Claims Solutions has been improving revenue flow for a wide variety of medical practices throughout the US.

3. Better Performance

We have a proven track record of higher
reimbursements & lower A/R costs

4. Better Use of Resources

Redeploy staff resources to higher value tasks

5. Easier Implementation

Fast, simple, transition

6. Benefits of a Better System

Our system eliminates or greatly reduces infrastructure & maintenance costs

7. More Cost Effective

Lower costs and higher, accelerated payments

8. Scalability

We enable cost effective practice expansion

9. Greater Control

Detailed reporting and specialized professional support keep you in control of your revenue

10. Intangibles

Spend your time on top life priorities, not after-hours billing issues




Our medical billing service puts time and power back in your hands, no matter the size of your practice. We fix revenue leaks most practices don’t even know exist, and can instantly boost your monthly reimbursements.  We treat patients with respect so you can maintain a long-term patient-doctor relationship.

Most practices find managed growth to be a challenge. Relying on Medical Claims Solutions for your billing needs enables you and your staff to focus on what you do best—caring for your patients. We enable you to add patients, locations and additional providers without billing concerns.